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Real Life Math

This e-book provides an understanding of commonly studied math concepts by illustrating their use in everyday life in everyday tasks, such as buying insurance, constructing a budget, reading graphs, adjusting cooking recipes, or planning for retirement. Topics are designed to support the modern mathematics curriculum and contain examples related to the global economy.

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Real Life Math: Everyday Use of Mathematical Concepts

This e-book provides many insights into the many connections between mathematics applications and the real world. Nearly 50 math concepts are presented with multiple examples of how each is applied in everyday environments, such as the workplace, nature, science, sports, and even parking.

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EBSCOhost Religion and Philosophy Collection

Religion and Philosophy Collection

Scholarly content for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies.

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Resilience. Hope Lives Here. PBS Learning Media.

Resilience in the Classroom

Resilience in the Classroom provides professional development resources centered around the documentary Resilience: Hope Lives Here. These tools include a variety of cards and activities that you can use in your classroom to help children throughout their day.  As well as practical professional development training for teachers to learn about ACEs and have a more trauma-informed classroom.

Resilience: Hope Lives Here investigates Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which include abuse, neglect, divorce and other childhood traumas. Research shows that left unresolved or untreated, these experiences can lead to health conditions in adulthood—such as high blood pressure, diabetes and depression. Being a trauma-informed teacher or practitioner is critical because Idaho has the fifth-highest rate in the nation for children who have experienced three or more ACEs.

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