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EBSCOhost Health Source Consumer Edition

Health Source: Consumer Edition

Content from consumer health magazines, current health-related pamphlets, and full text health reference books.

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EBSCOhost Health Source Nursing and Academic Edition

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

Scholarly journals focusing on many medical disciplines, with strong coverage of nursing and allied health content.

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EBSCOhost History Reference Source

History Reference Source

Full-text content of historical documents, biographies of historical figures, photos, maps, video, and other history reference materials.

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Human Diseases and Conditions, 3rd ed., 2017:

This e-book presents information on numerous diseases and conditions. Articles include a definition of the disease or condition, an explanation of how it works in the body, information on causes, symptoms and diagnosis, treatment or cure, and lifestyles.

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Human Geography: People and the Environment

This e-book provides insight into both regional and global issues by addressing fundamental and advanced topics critical to the study of human geography and places special emphasis on exploring the impact of human habitation and economic activity on the environment.

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