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About Business Source Premier

business source premier databaseWhat is it? Content from journals covering all business areas, including marketing, management, accounting, finance, and economics. Business Source Premier also includes company profiles with SWOT analyses.

Why use it? 

  • Access full-text articles from 1000s of reputable business sources for every aspect of your business needs.
  • Find and read company profiles as well as market research and industry reports

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Business Source Premier Promotional Materials

Business Source Premier Tutorials & Guides

Business Source Premier Webinar Recordings

  • EBSCO: Small Business Reference Center & Business Source Premier [Recorded March 16, 2023] This webinar provides an overview of EBSCO’s Small Business Reference Center and Business Source Premier. The trainer reviews content, key features, and browsing/searching capabilities.
  • EBSCO: Business Source Premier [Recorded April 9, 2024] This webinar is a review of Business Source Premier, EBSCO’s full-text database with content from leading business magazines and journals, including Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, American Banker, and Academy of Management Perspectives. We cover basic and advanced search, and review custom tools and functionality like the citation tool, Google and OneDrive integrations, and personal MyEBSCO accounts to organize research.

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About Chilton Library

chilton library database What is it? Chilton Library is a one-stop online tool for your user’s automotive needs. Chilton’s repair manuals have been a trusted source for years. Now, it’s available in an online database 24 hours a day on your computer or mobile device.

Why use it? Use it to access repair, maintenance, and service information on the most popular cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs on the road today. The database has information about vehicles from the early 20th century and today. It has step-by-step instructions for your auto repair needs and includes videos, animations, close-up images, wiring diagrams, diagnostic information, and maintenance and specification tables. Chilton Library also provides test preparation materials for individuals pursuing ASE certification.

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Chilton Library Promotional Materials

Chilton Library Tutorials & Guides

Chilton Library Webinar Recordings 

  • Advanced Applications of Gale’s Chilton Library: Supporting The Automotive Field in your Community [Recorded February 11, 2020] Gale’s Chilton Library provides users with on-demand automotive repair information, including service bulletins, detailed diagrams, specification tables, and step-by-step instructions. In addition to information on makes and models from 1940-current, Chilton Library also has ASE Test prep quizzes to help students get certified. Auto mechanics will also benefit from Chilton’s mobile responsiveness and read-speak functionality. This session will explore the platform’s navigation and ways to support your automotive community.
  • Car Care using Chilton Library from LiLI [Recorded January 10, 2019] Has your blinker stopped working? Were you told about a recall that MIGHT include your car? Are you paying for the appropriate number of work hours for a repair? These are all questions ChiltonLibrary helps answer! ChiltonLibrary supplies a solution for the “do-it-yourselfer” that is easy to use regardless of skill level. Repair, maintenance, and specification tables provide critical data on thousands of domestic and imported models of cars and light trucks from 1940 onward. It offers quick online access to repair, maintenance, and service information on seven decades of the broadest range of vehicles available, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. 30-minute session. [Recorded 1/10/19.]
  • Explore Enhancements to Gale’s ChiltonLibrary [Recorded April 20, 2023] Gale’s ChiltonLibrary provides car enthusiasts, students, and mechanics access to maintenance and repair information (including a video library), labor estimating, and ASE test prep questions. This session reviews the newly released enhancements, including an updated and intuitive platform, VIN searching capabilities, and a Recent Vehicles option to navigate to previous searches easily.

Explore more training options on the Gale Support site:

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About Consumer Health Complete

consumer health reports databaseWhat is it? A database designed to help users understand key topics across the health and wellness spectrum — from mainstream medicine to complementary, holistic, and integrated medicine.

Why use it?

  • Full-text access to Magill’s Medical Gide
  • Full-text access to Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary
  • Nearly 500 full-text health journals and magazines and an additional 473 full-text health reference books and encyclopedias

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Consumer Health Complete Promotional Materials

Consumer Health Complete Tutorials & Guides

Consumer Health Complete Webinar Recordings

  • Consumer Health Complete [Recorded November 16, 2023] Review the new Consumer Health Complete, the most comprehensive database for consumer-oriented health and wellness content. In this video, we browse the improved interface, review new and updated content, and demonstrate the enhanced user experience.

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About Core Collections

core collections databaseWhat is it? Core Collections are impartial, authoritative guides that help librarians build and maintain well-rounded collections of the most highly recommended nonfiction and fiction books. 

  • Children’s Core Collection: The ideal collection development and curriculum support resource for anyone who works with children’s books.
  • Core Collection en Español: Provides English-language guidance to libraries building and maintaining Spanish-language and bilingual (Spanish/English) collections for readers of all ages. 
  • Graphic Novels Core Collection: Especially useful as librarians build graphic novel collections. 
  • Fiction Core Collection: Perfect for libraries of all sizes navigating the vast fiction market.                
  • Middle & Junior High Core Collection: An essential resource for anyone who works with middle grade books.
  • Nonfiction Core Collection: Provides guidance for adult nonfiction collections, including plays and poetry. 
  • Senior High Core Collection: Covers young adult books and adult books with teen appeal, making it perfect for anyone who works with young adult literature collections.

Why use it?

  • Recommendation levels help you prioritize books for purchase and spend your money wisely. Articles and reviews help you better understand why a title might be appropriate for your community and when you can pass, even on a recommended title.
  • Upload your local collection to easily see what essential titles your library already owns, and create a search to be notified when “supplemental” titles that fill a specific interest of your community are added.

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Core Collections Promotional Materials

  • Coming soon!

Core Collections Tutorials & Guides

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About EBSCOhost

ebscohost databaseWhat is it? An intuitive online research platform with quality databases and search features to help researchers of all kinds find the information they need fast. The updated User Interface offers updated accessibility features and is mobile-friendly.

Why use it? 

  • Basic and advanced search options
  • Citation assistance
  • Reliable, peer-reviewed content

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EBSCOhost Promotional Materials

EBSCOhost Tutorials & Guides

EBSCOhost Webinar Recordings

  • EBSCOhost Advanced Search Topics [Recorded December 2023] This video reviews advanced search features of EBSCOhost, including Publication Finder, subject term, and thesauri search, and employing search modes, expanders, and limiters.
  • EBSCO Resources for Academic Research [Recorded November 2, 2023] Learn how to get the most from your EBSCO resources. We use the EBSCOhost interface to explore popular EBSCO databases, including Academic Search Complete, Business Source Premier, and MasterFILE Premier. We cover basic and advanced search and review custom tools and functionality like the citation tool, Google and OneDrive integrations, and personal MyEBSCO accounts to organize research.
  • EBSCO Resources for Grades K-8 [Recorded September 15, 2022] This webinar reviews key functionality for three essential EBSCO resources:
    • Explora; EBSO’s engaging interface designed to support student research and classroom instruction with rich, reliable content and easy-to-use functionality.
    • LearningExpress Library; the interactive learning platform that provides the most comprehensive collection of resources for basic skills mastery, academic success, and college preparation.
    • Novelist K-8 Plus: a database of book recommendations that helps librarians and educators connect young readers with the books they love.
  • Get to Know the New EBSCOhost! [Recorded September 5, 2023] Check out this demonstration of EBSCOhost’s enhanced user experience. Topics covered include improvements in accessibility, full-text viewing, sharing and citation tools, and the new “My Dashboard.”
  • Popular Publications in EBSCOhost [Recorded February 20, 2024] Learn how to get the most from your EBSCO resources. This video uses the EBSCOhost interface to discover articles in thousands of popular publications with your EBSCO subscription, including Consumer Reports, Harvard Business Review, New York Times Book Review, Sports Illustrated, TIME Magazine, and Vanity Fair. We will cover basic and advanced search and review custom functionality like the citation tool, Google and OneDrive integrations, and personal MyEBSCO accounts to organize research.

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explora public libraries database

About Explora Public

What is it?

Ebsco’s interface for public libraries is a great first stop for research. Users will find full-text articles with easy-to-use features to limit searches by type of content, publication dates, and source combined with an ordinary keyword search. Like the school editions, Explora Public will link to Google Classroom.

Why use it?

  • Easy-to-browse categories organized by popular topic
  • Topic Overviews that provide users with a starting point for research
  • Citation help, including the ability to export citation information to online bibliography generators such as EasyBib and NoodleTools
  • Save found articles to a folder and export them to bibliographic tools
  • Limit searches by Lexile range

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About Explora Primary

explora primary databaseWhat is it? EBSCO’s interface for Grades K-5. Find articles, primary source materials, informational text, and support for classroom learning. Databases linked to the Explora Primary interface include Primary Search, Middle Search Plus, Newspaper Source Plus, Topic Overviews K-5, TOPICsearch, American Heritage Children’s Dictionary, and more.

Why use it?

  • Overviews provide a starting point for research
  • Content from reputable publishers
  • Save research to a folder, then export to a bibliography tool
  • Limit searches by Lexile ranges
  • Simple search interface

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About Explora Secondary

explora secondary databaseWhat is it? EBSCO’s interface for Grades 6-12. Find articles, primary source materials, informational text, and support for research and classroom assignments. Databases linked to the Explora Secondary interface include Academic Search Premier, MAS Ultra School Edition, Middle Search Plus, TOPICsearch, Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, Topic Overviews, Newspaper Source Plus, and more.

Why use it?

  • Simple to use search interface
  • Easy access to citations
  • Limit search to type of publication (academic journals, magazine, peer-reviewed, etc.)
  • Lexile range searching limiters
  • Ability to save research sources to folders, add notes, and share

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Explora Promotional Materials

Explora Tutorials & Guides

  • Explora Quick Start Guide This quick start guide collects several links to webpages with instructions for navigating the Explora interface. 

Explora Webinar Recordings

  • Explora Overview [Recorded September 19, 2023] A tour of Explora, EBSCO’s engaging interface designed to support student research and classroom instruction with rich, reliable content and easy-to-use functionality. In this video, discover journals, magazines, newspapers, and primary source documents available in EBSCO’s age-appropriate educational databases. Review custom functionality like Lexile limiters, curriculum standards, and COPPA-compliant personal folders to organize student research.


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About Gale eBooks

gale ebooks databaseWhat is it? A collection of electronic specialized encyclopedias and reference books on a wide variety of subject areas that can be searched individually or as a whole. Highlights include:

  • American Decades, 1900-1999, 2000-2009
  • American Eras Primary Sources Series, covering early America through 1899
  • Encyclopedia of Fashion, Costume, and Culture
  • Complete Diseases and Conditions
  • Encyclopedia of Diets
  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
  • Alternative Energy
  • Encyclopedia of Science
  • Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering
  • Exploring Science Through Science Fiction
  • Human Geography
  • Political Theories for Students
  • Encyclopedia of World Mythology

Why use it?

  • STEM Content
  • History Primary Source Content
  • Ability to make notes and save with connection to Google Drive

Try it! Gale eBooks 

Gale eBooks Promotional Materials

Gale eBooks Tutorials & Guides

Gale eBooks Webinar Recordings

  • Engage Patrons with Gale eBooks and Accessibility Tools to Develop Personally and Professionally  [Recorded September 15, 2021.] Gale eBooks provides Idaho residents with quality content to develop personal and professional skills and accessibility tools to reach all patrons. This recorded session will highlight accessibility features, including text enlargement, translation, text-to-speech, online definitions, and digital highlights and notes. We share best practices to help users, including those with low vision, learning disabilities, and language barriers, find and engage with books to meet their personal, professional, and academic goals.
  • Explore How Gale eBooks Can Support Virtual Learning – a LiLI webinar [Recorded November 12, 2020.] The Gale eBooks collection, available via, can support students and patrons as they continue their learning virtually through a simple platform and tools designed to support organization and collaboration. In this session, we will review the content and features available in Gale eBooks, including Highlights and Notes, Translate, Listen, and Google/Microsoft integrations.
  • For Idaho: Utilize your New Gale eBooks to Find and Secure your Dream Job [Recorded July 14, 2021.] Searching for and applying for jobs can be complex tasks. With Gale eBooks, your users can find simple, on-demand support to access their interests and build the perfect resume. In this session, designed for library staff working with job seekers of all ages, we will review new titles to your collection, including Packaging Yourself: The Targeted Resume 5, Career Courage: Discover Your Passion, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, & Create the Success You Want and more. In addition to reviewing your new content, we will review the tools and features within the Gale eBooks platform designed to help users quickly find and collect relevant information.
  • Gale eBooks: Expanding Your Knowledge with [Recorded February 6, 2024] Watch this training session on Gale eBooks and delve into the collection of digital books on various topics. Learn more about the alignment of eBooks to programming and curriculum, effective browse and search strategies, and best practices in utilizing the features of Gale eBooks to enhance user research and knowledge. 
Explore more training options on the Gale Support site:

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About History Reference Center

history reference center databaseWhat is it? Designed for secondary schools, public libraries, junior/community colleges, and undergraduate research, this database features full text for thousands of primary source documents and informational texts. It includes full-text content of historical documents, biographies of historical figures, photos, maps, videos, and other historical reference materials.

Why use it?

  • Browse by subject and time period
  • More than 81,000 biographies of historical figures
  • More than 40,000 images, including maps and historical photos
  • Save research using personal folders

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History Reference Center Promotional Materials

History Reference Center Tutorials & Guides

History Reference Center Webinar Recordings

  • History Reference Source [Recorded May 7, 2024] This webinar reviews EBSCO’s History Reference Source, formerly known as History Reference Center. History Reference Source is EBSCO’s full-text research database that covers topics in U.S. and world history from the earliest civilizations through the 21st center.

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About Learning Express Library

learning express databaseWhat is it? A comprehensive collection of test preparation tools, skill-building materials, and career resources. Use to prepare for college and career, education tutoring, software tutorials, and workforce development. The entire database is divided into Learning Centers:

  • Adult Learning Center – Offers busy adults the tools to improve basic reading, writing, and math skills.
  • Career Center – Learn about various careers and prepare for professional exams for licensing and certifications.
  • College Center – For college students, resources to strengthen academic skills, prepare for placement tests, and get ready for graduate school entrance exams.
  • College Preparation Center – Study for and practice college admission tests and application essays. This center is devoted to college entrance exams, from AP to the ACT and SAT.
  • Grades 4-8 Educator Resources – Tutorials and learning aids in top subject areas for 4th through 8th Grades.
  • High School Equivalency Center – Use to prepare for GED with tutorials, eBooks, and practice tests.
  • High School Students – Tutorials and learning aids in top subject areas for 9th through 12th grades.
  • Popular Software Tutorials – Learn to use the most popular software programs from Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Windows.
  • Recursos para Hispanohablantes – Tutorials and guides in Spanish from the Adult Learning Center.

Why use it?

  • SAT and ACT preparation materials
  • General college readiness tools.
  • Software tutorials – you can jump to specific skills/tasks via the table of contents.
  • Career preparation – including learning about careers, entrance to specialized schools to pursue careers, and practice for licensing and certification exams.

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LearningExpress Promotional Materials

LearningExpress Library Tutorials & Guides

LearningExpress Library Webinar Recordings

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About Literary Reference Center

literary reference center databaseWhat is it? Provides information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and timeframes. Includes plot summaries, literary criticism, author biographies, and more.

Why use it?

  • Find discussion questions for lessons or research topics
  • Author Biographies
  • Browse authors
  • Save research with personal folders

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Literary Reference Center Promotional Materials

Literary Reference Center Tutorials & Guides

  • Browsing Full-Text Classics
  • Literary Reference Center Tutorial (video) Literary Reference gives students, professors, and researchers a foundation of literary reference works to meet their research needs. In this session, we’ll learn how to search authors and works by various factors and explore many tools available in the Reference Shelf. Dozens of lesson plans are available via a link to EBSCO’s Curriculum Standards Module, which can help teachers correlate EBSCO content quickly and easily to curriculum standards.

Literary Reference Center Webinar Recordings

  • Literary Reference Center [Recorded November 7, 2022] Designed for librarians and faculty, this training guides the participant through the features and functionality of the Literary Reference Center, including basic and advanced searching techniques. The content in LRC provides users with information and literary criticism on thousands of authors and their works from antiquity to the present. LRC is also available on the EBSCOhost interface, but in this workshop, it will be demonstrated on its interface. 

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About NoveList Plus & NoveList Plus K-8

NoveList Plus

novelist plus databaseWhat is it? Find fiction and nonfiction reading recommendations for all ages. Search by book title, author, genre, or key plot points. Find information about a book series and discussion guides for book groups, too.

Why use it?

  • Read-alike recommendations – created by experts for titles, authors, and series
  • Appeal factors to help determine if a book is the reader’s style
  • Series information
  • Lists of award winners

Try it! NoveList Plus 

NoveList Plus K-8

novelist k-8 plus databaseWhat is it? Find fiction and non-fiction reading recommendations by book title, author, genre, series, or key plot points. You can also explore picture book extender activities and discover ties to Common Core curriculum standards.

Why use it?

  • Covers titles appropriate up to Grade 8
  • Picture Book Extenders show activities related to popular early literacy titles
  • Read-to-go read-alike lists for popular titles
  • Curriculum connections to find reading materials related to core standards and topic areas

Try it! NoveList Plus K-8 

NoveList Plus & NoveList Plus K-8 Promotional Materials

NoveList Plus & NoveList Plus K-8 Tutorials & Guides

 Getting Started 


 Navigating Genres 

 Supporting Library and School Activities 

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About PBS LearningMedia

What is it? Free, curriculum-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for K-12 educators, curated by Idaho Public Television (IdahoPTV) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). PBS LearningMedia Overview

Why use it?

  • Teachers can create a page (folder) to go with a lesson and share it with students.
  • Find lesson plans and activities tied to curriculum standards.
  • Search or limit by grade and subject areas.

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PBS LearningMedia Tutorials & Guides

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About Small Business Source

small business source databaseWhat is it? Information on small business and entrepreneurial subject areas, common business types, help and advice, and information for creating business plans.

Why use it?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Information on how to create business plans
  • State-specific resources with demographic data and other local information
  • Critical information for business owners from nearly 400 full-text periodicals and more than 450 full-text reference books

Try it! Small Business Source

Small Business Source Promotional Materials

Small Business Source Tutorials & Guides

  • Quick Start Guide Browse several videos with how-to information about using Small Business Source.

Small Business Source Webinar Recordings

  • EBSCO: Small Business Reference Center & Business Source Premier [Recorded March 16, 2023] This webinar provides an overview of EBSCO’s Small Business Reference Center and Business Source Premier. The trainer reviews content, key features, and browsing/searching capabilities. 
  • Small Business Source Overview [Recorded April 23, 2024] This webinar overviews Small Business Source – previously Small Business Reference Center, which offers hundreds of full-text small business journals, reference books, reports, and videos, including the Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series. This video covers basic and advanced search and reviews custom tools and functionality like the citation tool, Google and OneDrive integrations, and personal MyEBSCO accounts to organize research.

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About World Book Online

world book online databaseWhat is it? A suite of online research tools which includes encyclopedia articles, primary source collections, educator tools, student activities, pictures, audio, and video. Schools will be interested in the following specific tools within World Book Web:

  • Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos – The ideal Spanish-language reference tool for those learning Spanish and ELL students. Browse features provide visual prompts, and bilingual features allow students to toggle between Spanish and English text.
  • World Book Advanced – Designed for high school and college students, it is a powerful reference tool that includes encyclopedic, multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated into a single search.
  • World Book Discover – World Book Discover offers compelling resources specifically developed for students reading below grade level due to language or learning difficulties. The rich collection includes reference articles, text-to-speech capabilities, research tools, and interactive videos.
  • World Book Kids – Features content and tools developed especially for young students. The site offers simple navigation, easy-to-read articles, multimedia, comparison tools, interactive games and activities, and teacher resources.
  • World Book Student – Optimized for iPads, this comprehensive site includes engaging content, built-in features, and fun tools specifically designed to make knowledge accessible and easy to find for all kids in elementary through middle school.
  • World Book Timelines – World Book Timelines offers hundreds of pre-generated timelines across eight broad topics, which cover various periods in history or span the lives of historical public figures. Users can create timelines from scratch, adding events, descriptions, and media.

Why use it?

  • In World Book Advanced and World Book Student:
    • Citation Builder builds a bibliographic citation using the information you have in your requested citation format. It is a great tool for creating a bibliography from unique resources.
    • Compare Places allows users to compare countries regarding population, outputs, political climate, etc.
    • Behind The Headlines provides current events and supporting articles from World Book to learn more about the topics addressed.
  • In World Book Advanced:
    • Using primary source documents, find lesson plans and teaching activities for various topics from patents to history to environmental issues.
  • In World Book Kids:
    • Compare Animals: users can compare animals side-by-side with information about size, diet, abilities, etc.
  • In all World Book products:
    • Curriculum Correlations: Search for Idaho Curriculum Standards, then link directly to World Book content that can be used to meet that particular standard.
    • Print-and-go activities are designed to help build students’ foundational knowledge by taking them on grade-range-correlated expeditions through World Book Online. Access them in the Educator Tools at the bottom of each database.

Try it!

  • World Book Advanced Encyclopedia for high school or new college students. Includes multimedia, an e-book center with public domain content, and primary source documents.
  • World Book Discover Designed for high-interest, low-reading level content, this tool is helpful for new readers of English.
  • Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos Spanish Encyclopedia for students in early grades.
  • World Book Kids Encyclopedia for students in early grades. Features multimedia, comparison tools, and interactive games and activities for learning.
  • World Book Student Encyclopedia content is designed for students in middle grades.
  • World Book Timelines Users can browse and use pre-generated timelines or create their own.

World Book Promotional Materials

World Book Tutorials & Guides

World Book Webinar Recordings

  • World Book Kids – a LiLI Webinar [Recorded December 8, 2022] World Book Kids is an online encyclopedia for students in early grades. This user-friendly database features multimedia, comparison tools, and interactive games and activities for learning. This recording gives an overview of the platform and highlights new and underutilized sections of this invaluable resource.
  • World Book Online Overview [Recorded October 17, 2023] An overview of’s World Book Online resources. With read-aloud functions, translation into more than 100 languages, different reading levels, and educational games, there are tools to help every patron access content at their given level!