The course is designed for members of the library community who do not have formal library training.  It will help you understand the cataloging of music recordings.

The course is supplemental, in that it is not required to complete the Alternative Basic Library Education (ABLE) courses.  The course is designed to add to the basic knowledge of members in the library community. 

The course is divided into five sections.  Each section has one or more web pages, plus a self-evaluation test.  You will typically move ahead in the course by correctly answering the last question on each self-evaluation.  The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete.  If you have stopped working on the course and wish to re-enter where you left off, you may do so by clicking on the course section below, and then selecting the objective on which you were working.

For more information, contact the Idaho Commission for Libraries at 800-458-3271 (in-state toll free) or 208-334-2150 (Boise local and out-of-state).  

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Course objectives

In this course, you will learn: 

  1. A brief review of basic cataloging record information.

  2. The specific areas of cataloging records that pertain to music sound recordings.

  3. Subject headings for music sound recordings.

  4. Classification for music sound recordings.

  5. Where to get cataloging records for music sound recordings.

Bibliography of Cataloging Sources (opens new window)


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