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Idaho Career Information System

Find information about career options with salary outlook, skills needed, and employment prospects in Idaho and nationwide.

Idaho Citizen Resources

A collection of tools to help Idahoans interact with and understand news and government activities.

Idaho Court Assistance

Find free court-approved forms for civil court matters such as family, landlord/tenant, domestic violence, and other non-criminal court issues.

Idaho Digital Resources

A searchable, centralized collection of digital publications that are created by Idaho state agencies for the purpose of public information.

Idaho e-Gov resources

Check out the resources compiled at

Idaho In Session

Follow the Idaho State Legislature and Idaho Supreme Court sessions through live audio and video feeds.

Idaho Library Directory

A directory of Idaho libraries and other organizations. Maintained and provided by the Idaho Commission for Libraries.

Idaho Statehouse Tour

Take an online tour of the Idaho statehouse. Along with video and photos, background information about the building is provided.

Idaho Talking Books Catalog

Catalog of materials available to customers of the Idaho Talking Book Service for individuals with physical or visual impairments.

Idaho Works

Search for available jobs in Idaho.

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