LiLI Tutorials: Archived Webinars

Archived Webinars

[Recorded February 11, 2020.] Gale’s Chilton Library provides your users with on-demand automotive repair information, including service bulletins, detailed diagrams, specification tables, and step-by-step instructions. In addition to information on makes and models from 1940-current, Chilton Library also has ASE Test prep quizzes to help students get certified. Auto mechanics will also benefit from Chilton’s mobile responsiveness and read-speak functionality. In this session, we will explore the platform’s navigation and ways to support your automotive community.

[Recorded January 10, 2019.] Has your blinker stopped working? Were you told about a recall that MIGHT include your car? Are you paying for the appropriate number of work hours for a repair? These are all questions ChiltonLibrary can help with! ChiltonLibrary supplies a solution for the “do-it-yourselfer” that is easy to use regardless of skill level. Repair, maintenance, and specification tables provide critical data on thousands of domestic and imported models of cars and light trucks from 1940 onward. It offers quick online access to repair, maintenance, and service information on seven decades of the broadest range of vehicles available, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs—30-minute session.

          [Recorded September 15, 2022] This webinar reviews key functionality for three essential EBSCO resources:

    •  Explora; EBSO’s engaging interface designed to support student research and classroom instruction with rich, reliable content and easy-to-use functionality.
    • LearningExpress Library; the interactive learning platform that provides the most comprehensive collection of resources for basic skills mastery, academic success, and college preparation.
    • Novelist K-8 Plus; a database of book recommendations that helps librarians and educators connect young readers with the books they love.

[Recorded September 15, 2021.] Gale e-Books provides Idaho residents with quality content to develop personal and professional skills and accessibility tools to reach all patrons. This recorded session will highlight accessibility features, including text enlargement, translation, text to speech, online definitions, and digital highlights and notes. We share best practices to help users, including those with low vision, learning disabilities, and language barriers, find and engage with books to meet their personal, professional, and academic goals.

[Recorded July 14, 2021.] Searching for and applying for jobs can be complex tasks. With Gale eBooks, your users can find simple, on-demand support to access their interests and build the perfect resume. In this session, designed for library staff working with job seekers of all ages, we will review new titles to your collection, including Packaging Yourself: The Targeted Resume 5, Career Courage: Discover Your Passion, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, & Create the Success You Want and more. In addition to reviewing your new content, we will review the tools and features within the Gale eBooks platform designed to help users quickly find and collect relevant information.