Castle Exhibit

James Castle Icehouse unto Early Attic postcard - 29 April - 1 June 2005

3. Opening Night

(April 29, 2005)

photo 1

1. Visitors signing in.

photo 2

2. Visitors inspecting Icehouse--Castle's earliest--works.

photo 3

3. Curator and visitors in the Dreamhouse area.

photo 4

4. In the Dreamhouse Theater.

photo 5

5. Vistors following "Emma Beach's Wedding," the Early Attic visual narrative.

photo 6

6. Foreground: vistors studying the second of three Early Attic display cases.

photo 7

7. James Castle's nephew, Joe Beach (center), son of Emma Beach (Castle's sister).

photo 8

8. James Castle's nephew (son of Emma Beach, Castle's sister), Bob Beach, "discoverer" of the artist/bookmaker with the curator and Bob Beach's son.


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