Castle Exhibit

James Castle Icehouse unto Early Attic postcard - 29 April - 1 June 2005

2. Ready for the Opening

photo 1

1. Exhibit entrance (left) and Icehouse Books area.

photo 2

2. Exhibit entrance (right) with ICB publications and wall display of correct date of artist's birth (1899) for the artist; second exhbit area, the Dreamhouse is seen in background.

photo 3

3. "Dreamhouse" alcove with photo sculpture of Castle (age 8) greeting theater-goers. Large "shingles" of cardboard--one of Castle's favorite materials--are decorated with would-be book covers or bookboard: commercial cardboard products (from Aleve to Zwieback cartons) donated by BSU students and book artists/bookmakers here and abroad! Note "Liphead Bookhead" (enlarged Castle illustration of a schoomate) on banner (right).

photo 4

4. In background: the "Dreamhouse" area: life-size wall photo of Castle's "Cozy Cottage" model mobile home purchased for him in 1962 from sales of his work; cases in front of photo contain "Dreamhouse" drawings by the artist.

photo 5

5. Portion of the Early Attic section of the exhibit containing newly discovered Castle books. Wall contains visual narrative from one Attic book, one Atic book is in the display case; KTVB-TV (NBC) program detailing the Attic discovery airs (right).


Opening Night

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