Castle Exhibit

James Castle Icehouse unto Early Attic postcard - 29 April - 1 June 2005

1. Exhibit Preparations

photo 1 (explanation follows)

1: Curator and trusted university employee Kenny dive for cardboard to construct a "Dreamhouse" theater for screening a video documentary about James Castle at the exhibit (January 2005).

photo 2

2: Curator and BSU student Adrian inspecting hoard of cardboard collected (February 2005).

photo 3

3. Terri (student) assists curator in affixing Velcro tabs to panels displaying a Castle visual narrative (April 2005)

photo 4

4. Roger, Student Union employee, skillfully positions wall partitions in the SU Gallery; note completed "Dreamhouse" theater in background (April 2005).

photo 5

5. Student Union employee Bob (balancing on ladder) and curator hang  "Bookhead" banners, an effort orchestrated by SU Gallery Director Catherine (April 2005).


Ready for the Opening


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