Editing Copy Cataloging

While many records are well done by libraries that input MARC cataloging into databases, an individual library should be able to edit and add to records if there is a need. As long as the guidelines for using MARC are followed, and careful attention is paid to the correct use of field tags, indicators, and subfield codes, a library can edit and adjust records as needed for the best use of their patrons. 

When a library does feel that major editing is needed in a MARC record, these adjusted records can be submitted to the reviewers at the cataloging database. Most vendors of cataloging have staff members whose jobs are to review changes and recommendations made by member libraries. Many libraries who edit MARC records for their own catalog will just make minor changes, adding local call numbers and access points as needed. These adjustments are usually done in the fields intended for local use, and so donít show up in the MARC record contained in a cataloging database. In this way, the many libraries that participate in a cataloging network can have shared cataloging records that can still be individualized for each member library.

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