3XX's Physical Descriptions

        300    Physical description

The 300 field is the most commonly used of the various options in the 3XX field. This field contains the information in the physical description area of the cataloging description. The subfield codes for this section cover the extent of item (i.e. number of pages), other physical details (i.e. illustrations), dimensions, and accompanying materials. There are other tags assigned in this section that cover information such as length of play for a video or CD, frequency of publication for a serial, or price of an item.

300 $axiv, 340 p. ;$c26 cm.

In this example of the physical description field, there are two subfields used. The first one shows the number of pages. Because this record uses unabridged cataloging rules, this includes the number of preliminary pages (indicated with Roman numerals) as well as the main section of pagination for the book. The second subfield used here is for the size of the book. Because there is no indication of illustrations in the cataloging information, that subfield has been omitted.

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