Manage Your Energy Use: Kill A Watt™ Electricity Usage Monitor

Knowledge Is Power

Energy costs are rising and so is demand. And as demand for energy and costs continue to rise, concerns about managing use are growing—for customers and utilities alike. That's why Avista, Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power have partnered with the Idaho Commission for Libraries to bring you this program. Using a Kill A Watt meter can help you identify areas of high use in your home.

How does the program work?

Energy Efficiency Kits are available in Idaho's public libraries for checkout to registered library users. Kits include a Kill-A-Watt energy meter, instructions, and efficiency tips. Simply plug the meter into an outlet, then plug an appliance into the meter, and it will assess the efficiency for you.

Energy Kit Information

Energy Kit Instructions
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Energy use resources

Energy efficiency tips
Download an Excel spreadsheet to track and calculate energy usage

Learn more about energy efficiency tips and incentives from your local power provider